Polygala cruciata L. var. cruciata

Locations ofPolygala cruciata L. var. cruciata in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Polygala cruciata L. var. cruciata
Common Name
Cross-leaved Milkwork; Drumheads
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Polygala cruciata L., in part (vars. not treated in Flora of Virginia).
See also maps and Comments under Polygala cruciata, s.l., and Polygala cruciata var. aquilonia. This var. is restricted to the Coastal Plain and outer Piedmont in eastern Virginia. Its range overlaps the range of var. aquilonia in this region, and intermediates appear to be locally frequent. The Accomack Co. specimen has not been examined and has been tentatively assigned to var. cruciata but may prove to be var. aquilonia.
Bogs, wet flatwoods, and boggy clearings such as power-line swales. Infrequent, Coastal Plain and outer Piedmont of c. and se. Virginia.
Native Status

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