Coreopsis ×delphiniifolia Lam.

Locations ofCoreopsis ×delphiniifolia Lam. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Coreopsis ×delphiniifolia Lam.
Common Name
Larkspur Coreopsis, Lobed Coreopsis
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Coreopsis delphiniifolia Lam.
Usually treated as a species of hybrid origin, but Smith (1976) indicates that it is an allopolyploid derivative of Coreopsis major, C. tripteris, and C. verticillata. An apparent hybrid swarm, including this taxon, its putative parents, and various backcrosses has been found in a powerline right-of-way in Caroline County; a second population, occurring in the immediate absence of its congeners, is found in a gasline right-of-way in Halifax County; a third population occurs with C. tripteris and C. verticillata in a Goochland County powerline.
Dry power-line clearings, the few known sites all on base-rich soils. Rare, documented from three sites, one in the Fall Zone of western Caroline County, the second in the southern Piedmont (Halifax County), the third in the central Piedmont (Goochland Co.).
Native Status

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