Aesculus pavia L. var. pavia

Locations ofAesculus pavia L. var. pavia in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Aesculus pavia L. var. pavia
Common Name
Red Buckeye
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
In Taxa Not Treated: Unverified Taxa
This strikingly beautiful buckeye is native in the southeast, ranging north along the Atlantic seaboard to se. and sc. North Carolina. It was erroneously attributed to Virginia (Greensville County) as a native by Kartesz (2015), probably on the basis of Aesculus sylvatica specimens collected by Fernald and Long that were later wrongly annotated to A. pavia. It is fairly commonly cultivated in Virginia, and sometimes escaped in urban areas. Only time will tell if it will become more widely established.
Sparingly escaped from cultivation in urban forests of northern Virginia and the Richmond area.
Native Status

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