Sabulina paludicola (Fern. & B.G. Schub.) E.E. Schilling

Locations ofSabulina paludicola (Fern. & B.G. Schub.) E.E. Schilling in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sabulina paludicola (Fern. & B.G. Schub.) E.E. Schilling
Common Name
Godfrey's Sandwort
Mononeuria paludicola (Fern. & Schub.) Dillengerger & Kadereit; MInuartia godfreyi (Shinners) McNeill; Arenaria godfreyi Shinners
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Minuartia godfreyi (Shinners) McNeill
This species' range consists of scattered and isolated populations disjunct between the Coastal Plain and Appalachians in seven southeastern states. It was recently verified for Virginia through an examination of specimen records and photographs on the SERNEC portal. Field work to determine whether it is still extant in Montgomery County have not yet been conducted.

Schilling et al's (2022) molecular study of the Mononeuria segregate of Caryophyllaceae (including traditional Minuartia) showed that it was polyphyletic. The two clades formed in analyis now represent the genera Geocarpon and Sabulina. The work seems solid and suggests that "broader sampling of Sabulina and Geocarpon could lead to increased understanding of the timing and origins of occupation of calcareous glades and rock outcrop habitats in eastern North America."
A single Virginia record: "Seepage area over shale" near Ironto, Montgomery Co.; R. Kral 10334, 23 May 1960; specimen at FSU, det. R.K. Rabeler (2013). Evidently rare here, and throughout the range.
Native Status

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