Myrica gale L.

Locations ofMyrica gale L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Myrica gale L.
Common Name
Sweet Gale, Bog-Myrtle
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Myrica gale L.
The Virginia population of Myrica gale was discovered by Chris Ludwig in November 2018. This circumboreal shrub ranges generally south in the east to New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but has long been known to be disjunct to bogs in the Blue Ridge of Henderson County, North Carolina. The Virginia occurrence adds yet another significant, southern disjunction to the range.
In wet, mostly herbaceous, mafic fen with Scirpus expansus and Filipendula rubra. Very rare; to date, only a single staminate clone, roughly 5 meters in diameter, is known from The Glades Region of the Southern Blue Ridge (Grayson Co.) at an elevation of ca. 2580 ft.
Native Status

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