Bidens comosa (Gray) Wiegand

Locations ofBidens comosa (Gray) Wiegand in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Bidens comosa (Gray) Wiegand
Common Name
Three-lobe Beggar-ticks
Bidens tripartita L., in part
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Bidens comosa (Gray) Wiegand
Map incomplete at present. This species and Bidens connata Muhl. ex Willd. were lumped in Atlas III under a broad concept of Bidens tripartita L. Most herbarium specimens were originally labeled as the latter, but many have now been annotated. See maps of Bidens connata and Bidens comosa + connata.
Floodplain forests, alluvial swamps, ditches, wet fields, and sandy, gravelly, or rocky river shores. Most Virginia floristic studies have included this species and Bidens comosa in the broader B. tripartita. Both species appear to be widely distributed in the state, occupying slightly different (but overlapping) sets of habitats. Bidens connata may be more common in the Piedmont and mountains, but additional herbarium and field work is needed to confirm this.
Native Status

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