Gentiana linearis Froel.

Locations ofGentiana linearis Froel. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Gentiana linearis Froel.
Common Name
Narrowleaf Gentian
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Gentiana linearis Froel.
This northern gentian was reported in the 3rd hard-copy edition of the Atlas (1992), based on a specimen collected by Rob Simpson of Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) in 1986. However, during subsequent efforts to confirm the identification the specimen could not be found, and efforts to relocate the species on Whitetop mountain were also unsuccessful. So the record was dropped from the Digital Atlas and not included in the Flora of Virginia (2012). Then, in 2019, when the LFCC herbarium was transferred to George Mason University's herbarium, the specimen was found and the identification was confirmed. This record represents one of several Central and Southern Appalachian high-elevation disjunctions of the species.
Ecotone of red spruce forest and grassy bald, near summit of Whitetop Mountain, Smyth County (Robert C. Simpson 12134 at GMUF).
Native Status

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