Rudbeckia hirta L. var. hirta

Locations ofRudbeckia hirta L. var. hirta in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Rudbeckia hirta L. var. hirta
Common Name
Woodland Black-eyed Susan
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Rudbeckia hirta L. var. hirta
Map very incomplete and based on specimens at VPI. Of the two varieties of Rudbeckia hirta listed by Urbatsch and Cox in FNA (Vol. 21, 2006) that occur in Virginia, var. hirta is native to the broader Appalachian region (ME to GA and AL) but has not generally been distinguished among Virginia herbarium specimens; it often occurs in natural habitats. Var. pulcherrima, the common weedy black-eyed-susan in Virginia, is widespread in the eastern US, behaves like an introduction, but is generally reported to be native in our area.
Dry, openly wooded slopes, rocky woodlands, and clearings. Infrequent, mountains.
Native Status

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