Agrostis perennans (Walt.) Tuckerman

Locations ofAgrostis perennans (Walt.) Tuckerman in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Agrostis perennans (Walt.) Tuckerman
Common Name
Autumn Bentgrass
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Agrostis perennans (Walt.) Tuckerman
Although most grass taxonomists don't recognize infraspecific taxa in Agrostis perennans, this species exhibits considerable morphological and ecological variation that seems worthy of additional study. A delicate, lax, divergently branched, early-flowering form with long-pedicellate spikelets has been called var. aestivalis Vasey and is frequent in shaded seeps, seepage swamps, and other saturated wetlands in Virginia. It produces panicles in June, one to two months before the more robust forms of upland forests and weedy habitats begin to flower. See also map and comments for A. altissima.
Ubiquitous in mesic to dry upland forests, woodlands, barrens, clearings, meadows, and other open habitats; also in varied wetlands, especially depression swamps and ponds, bogs, fens, and seepage swamps. Common throughout.
Native Status

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