Hydrophyllum virginianum L. var. atranthum (E.J. Alexander) Constance

Locations ofHydrophyllum virginianum L. var. atranthum (E.J. Alexander) Constance in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Hydrophyllum virginianum L. var. atranthum (E.J. Alexander) Constance
Common Name
Appalachian Waterleaf
Hydrophyllum atranthum E.J. Constance
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Hydrophyllum virginianum L. (in part)
The two varieties in our region can usually be distinguished by flower color, with typically white (rarely pale purple) flowers representative of var. virginianum and deep purple to maroon flowers typical of var. atranthum. In addition to the stem pubescence differences used in Weakley's (2020) key, other characters seemingly correlated with flower color are dried calyx color (green in var. virginianum and darkened in var. atranthum) and anther color (pale to light brownish in var. virginianum and decidedly brown in var. atranthum). Plants matching var. virginianum apparently occur throughout the Virginia range of the species, whereas var. atranthum appears to be restricted to the southern half of the mountains, part of a narrowly endemic, southern and central Appalachian range. See Weakley et al. (2017) in J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 11: 305-307 for a detailed discussion of the taxonomy and validity of this taxon.
Mesic to dry-mesic, nutrient-rich montane forests. Frequent to locally common, wc. and sw. mountains.
Native Status

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