Juncus effusus L. var. pylaei (Laharpe) Fernald & Wiegand

Locations ofJuncus effusus L. var. pylaei (Laharpe) Fernald & Wiegand in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Juncus effusus L. var. pylaei (Laharpe) Fernald & Wiegand
Common Name
Soft Rush
Juncus pylaei Laharpe
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Juncus pylaei Laharpe
This taxon is similar to, and has been lumped with, J. effusus in most previous Virginia studies. At least in herbarium specimens, the characters that differentiate this taxon from J. effusus var. solutus are fairly subtle, and there is much variability in the species. The "pylaei" entity has been treated by various authorities as a species, a variety, or simply part of a polymorphic J. effusus complex. Flora of the Southeastern U.S. and Flora of Virginia give it specific status (J. pylaei LaHarpe), but we are adopting a more conservative approach pending a more definitive systematic study of this complex. At this time, only a very incomplete map is available, and clarification of the distribution, habitats, and frequency of var. pylaei will require extensive field and herbarium work.
In various, often disturbed, wetlands. Field and herbarium studies to date indicate that var. pylaei has a state-wide distribution and is not nearly as numerous as J. effusus var. solutus.
Native Status

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