Dichanthelium appalachiense Townsend & LeBlond

Locations ofDichanthelium appalachiense Townsend & LeBlond in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Dichanthelium appalachiense Townsend & LeBlond
Common Name
Appalachian Panic Grass
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Dichanthelium appalachiense LeBlond & Townsend.
This species was recently described by LeBlond, Townsend and Ludwig in J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 14(2): 189-198 (2020). It is known from a small number of populations in Bath and Alleghany counties; an old, outlying collection from Pennsylvania has also been located. This species shares the large fruit size and strongly retrorsely bearded nodes of D. boscii and D. ravenellii but has much narrower leaf proportions. Plants occur characteristically in small numbers or as scattered individuals.
Shale woodlands and openings with diverse grass and forb cover. These restricted habitats are embedded within the much broader region of the Virginia Ridge and Valley that includes shale barrens.
Native Status

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