Veronica sublobata M.A. Fischer

Locations ofVeronica sublobata M.A. Fischer in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Veronica sublobata M.A. Fischer
Common Name
Small Ivyleaf Speedwell
Veronica hederifolia L. ssp. lucorum (Klett & Richter) Hartl
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia: discovered after its publication
Vouchered from Fairfax and Albemarle cos., with an unvouchered record for Stafford Co. Observations were posted on iNaturalist and the identity confirmed by Veronica specialist Dr. Dirk Albach (University of Oldenburg, Germany). Since this species is very similar to V. hederifolia and new populations continue to be confirmed in the Atlantic states, additional populations in Virginia seem certain. Compared to V. hederifolia, the flowers are smaller and pinker, the pedicels longer, styles shorter, and hairs are distributed around the circumference of the pedicel (as opposed to hairs in lines in V. hederifolia).
The Fairfax occurrence is in Chapel Road Park, along a path in the floodplain of Pope's Head Creek.
Native Status

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