Crossocalyx hellerianus (Nees ex Lindenb.) Meyl.

Locations ofCrossocalyx hellerianus (Nees ex Lindenb.) Meyl. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Crossocalyx hellerianus (Nees ex Lindenb.) Meyl.
Common Name
Heller's Notchwort
Anastrophyllum helleranum (Nees) Schust.; Jungermannia helleriana Nees ex Lindenb.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not applicable
The first and only collections were made by R.M. Schuster in 1958 (#40262, 40270,40383). "[Above] The Cascades, near Mountain Lake, Little Stony Creek".
On bark of Tsuga canadensis. Associated with Bazzania trilobata, Bazzania denudata, Frullania asagrayana, Lejeunea ulicina, Lepidozia reptans, Kurzia sylvatica, and Anastrophyllum michauxii. Despite being a species most abundant in the Taiga, the Southern Appalachian occurrences of the species are at relatively lower elevations, lacking in the Spruce-Fir zones of the higher peaks (Schuster 1969). (Biodiversity occurrence data published by NY. Accessed through Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria (CNABH) Data Portal, http//, 2021-03-05)
Native Status

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