Carex debilis Michx. var. pubera A. Gray

Locations ofCarex debilis Michx. var. pubera A. Gray in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex debilis Michx. var. pubera A. Gray
Common Name
Allegheny Sedge
Carex allegheniensis Mackenzie
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex debilis Michaux
Plants with pubescent perigynia resemble both Carex debilis and C. flexuosa, and have been called C. debilis var. pubera Gray and C. allegheniensis Mackenzie. Weakley (2020) treats these as the latter, while FNA treats them as synonyms under C. debilis var. rudgei (Carex flexuosa). While perigynium length overlaps that of both C. debilis and C. flexuosa, these plants form discrete populations, have consistently puberulent perigynia, and usually have the perigynia midribs excurrent as a short awn. Further study is clearly needed to determine the appropriate taxononic treatment. The current map is no doubt very incomplete and based on specimens so labelled or annotated at FARM, GMUF, LYN, NBYC, NY, and WILLI.
Alluvial swamps, seepage swamps, wet streambanks, and floodplain forests. Widely distributed but infrequent; mountains, Piedmont, and extreme inner Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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