Sagittaria latifolia Willd. var. latifolia

Locations ofSagittaria latifolia Willd. var. latifolia in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sagittaria latifolia Willd. var. latifolia
Common Name
Broadleaf Arrowhead
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Sagittaria latifolia Willdenow, in part
The current map is very incomplete and based only on herbarium specimens so labeled or annotated. Most specimens have not been identified to varietal level, and extensive, in-person herbarium work will be required to fully map this taxon. See also the full species map for Sagittaria latifolia and the map for S. latifolia var. pubescens.
Tidal freshwater marshes, ponds, swamps, ditches, seeps, alluvial forests, stream margins, and wet disturbed areas. Apparently most frequent in the eastern half of the state.
Native Status

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