Luzula acuminata Raf. var. acuminata

Locations ofLuzula acuminata Raf. var. acuminata in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Luzula acuminata Raf. var. acuminata
Common Name
Northern Hairy Woodrush
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Luzula acuminata Raf. var. acuminata
The map is very incomplete and based on a handful of specimens labelled or annotated as var. acuminata at 6 southeastern herbaria. However, most specimens of Luzula acuminata at these and many other herbaria are not identified to var. Moreover, the great majority of specimens that have been identified are of var. carolinae. The few records of var. acuminata, most from the sw. mountains, most likely represent only a fraction of the distribution of this northern taxon in Virginia, and extensive herbarium work is needed. See also the species-level map for L. acuminata.
The distribution of this var. in Virginia is quite uncertain, but is likely concentrated in or restricted to the mountains and northern Virginia. Habitats for the species in montane Virginia include cove forests, northern hardwood forests, montane oak forests, seepage swamp hummocks, and mesic clearings.
Native Status

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