Nabalus crepidineus (Michaux) A.P. DeCandolle

Locations ofNabalus crepidineus (Michaux) A.P. DeCandolle in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Nabalus crepidineus (Michaux) A.P. DeCandolle
Common Name
Midwestern Rattlesnake-Root
Prenanthes crepidinea Michaux
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia. Added after its publication
A dozen sterile plants were discovered May 20, 2021 on Powell Mountain. At that time the identity of the plants was suspected due to the obviously winged petioles and general outline of the basal leaves. No trace of the plants could be found on a September 8 visit. Subsequently, several botanists with knowledge of this species were shown the specimen and photos of the colony; all confirmed that the plants matched Nabalus crepidineus. Further examination of herbarium specimens in person and online confirmed the I.D. This species is well-known for appearing and disappearing in the same remarkable manner as the Virginia plants and finding fertile plants later in the season is considered very difficult. Flowering depends on disturbances such as canopy gaps, according to personal accounts and published literature.
Plants were located in a mesic hardwood forest on the southwest-facing slope of Powell Mountain. The colony was scattered over a 200 square meter area within a rich herbaceous understory.
Native Status

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