Equisetum laevigatum A. Braun

Locations ofEquisetum laevigatum A. Braun in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Equisetum laevigatum A. Braun
Common Name
Smooth Scouring-Rush
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia; discovered after its publication.
This species was discovered new to Virginia in Warren County by Matthew Sheik in 2021. The hybrid between this species and Equisetum praealtum was previously reported for Virginia by FNA. The identification was confirmed by pteridologist Carl Taylor.
Equisetum laevigatum is a northern and western species that also occurs in northeastern West Virginia and Pennsylvania. It is similar to E. praealtum and should be looked for in additional areas of northwestern Virginia.
Wet meadow along the Shenandoah River in Shenandoah River State Park, Warren County.
Native Status

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