Tiarella cordifolia L. var. cordifolia

Locations ofTiarella cordifolia L. var. cordifolia in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Tiarella cordifolia L. var. cordifolia
Common Name
Creeping Foamflower
Tiarella stolonifera Nesom
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Tiarella cordifolia L.
In Virginia, var. cordifolia is essentially restricted to the mountains, often at middle to higher elevations. It is readily distinguished from var. collina by its stoloniferous habit. The current map is based on the map in Nesom’s revisional paper (Phytoneuron 31: 1-61, July 2021), modified slightly by Virginia herbarium data. If this taxon is accorded full species status, as Nesom argues for, then the name Tiarella cordifolia would apply to T. cordifolia var. collina and this taxon would be named T. stolonifera.
Var. cordifolia occurs in cove forests, deep-soiled ridge forests, montane alluvial forests, and crevices of shaded rock outcrops. It favors, but is not restricted to, more base-rich soils. It is frequent in the sw. mountains, infrequent in the c. and n. mountains, and rare in the sw. Piedmont.
Native Status

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