Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt. var. graminifolia

Locations ofEuthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt. var. graminifolia in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt. var. graminifolia
Common Name
Common Grass-leaved Goldenrod
Solidago graminifolia (L.) Salisb. var. graminifolia
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt.
See also E. graminifolia var. nuttallii. E. graminifolia var. graminifolia is characterized by montane plants with glabrous or nearly glabrous vestiture. Piedmont and Coastal Plain plants with hirtellous or short-villous hairs on leaf undersides, upper stem, and branches have been called var. nuttallii (Greene) W. Stone. Note that in his recent comprehensive revision of Euthamia (Phytoneuron 34-2021, 1-182), Nesom treats the two vars. as species. However, given that the pubescence character is variable and the two taxa can seem gradational, we are retaining the varietal treatment pending further study of our material. Map is based on Nesom’s (2021) map, with some modifications based on Virginia herbarium data.
Mesic to wet clearings, low fields, meadows, roadsides, bogs, and fens, mostly at middle to higher elevations. Widely distributed but somewhat infrequent throughout the Virginia mountains; very rare in the w. Piedmont.
Native Status

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