Viola emarginata (Nutt.) Leconte

Locations ofViola emarginata (Nutt.) Leconte in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Viola emarginata (Nutt.) Leconte
Common Name
Triangle-leaved Violet
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Included in Viola sagittata Ait.
Viola emarginata has been widely subsumed within a broader concept of Viola sagittata, but Ballard et al. (2023) have provided ample evidence that it is specifically distinct. The current map is no doubt very incomplete and based on a few very recent collections and specimens on the SERNEC Portal that have been annotated or appear to be correctly identified. However, extensive field and herbarium work will be necessary to acccurately map this species and characterize its habitats. A number of morphological "variants" are described by Ballard et al. (2023), but have not been formally named and are not treated here. For more information, see Ballard, H.E., J.T. Kartesz, and M. Nishino. 2023. A taxonomic treatment of the Violets (Violaceae) of the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada. Jour. Torrey Bot. Soc. 150(1): 3-266.
On the Atlantic slope, this species is reported to occur primarily in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont. Preliminary data from the Virginia Piedmont suggests that it is scattered in dry, open upland forests, clearings, and on road banks, often associated with rather sparsely vegetated clay soil.
Native Status

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