Viola stoneana House

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Botanical Name
Viola stoneana House
Common Name
Stone's Violet
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia
Viola stoneana is a member of the Viola palmata complex and has been widely subsumed in a broad concept of the latter. Although it is very poorly known in Virginia, we follow Ballard et al. (2023, Jour. Torrey Bot. Soc. 150(1): 3-266) in recognizing V. stoneana as a separate species. It differs from V. palmata in pubescence characters and leaf morphology, as well as a discrete distribution along the Piedmont “fall line” and an association with richer, more mesophytic forests than similar species.
Ballard et al. (2023) describe the habitat as "moist loamy soils of rich mesic forest slopes and bases of slopes." The species is reported to range from se. New York and e. Pennsylvania to east-central North Carolina. There are specimens that appear consistent with the species from Fairfax, Chesterfield, and Warren counties. However, it must be pointed out that while Fairfax and Chesterfield are both on the “fall line,” Warren County lies far to the west in the Appalachians. Obviously, further study of this elusive taxon is badly needed.
Native Status

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