Calamagrostis breviligulata (Fern.) Saarela ssp. breviligulata

Locations ofCalamagrostis breviligulata (Fern.) Saarela ssp. breviligulata in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Calamagrostis breviligulata (Fern.) Saarela ssp. breviligulata
Common Name
American Beach Grass
Ammophila breviligulata Fern.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Calamagrostis breviligulata (Fern.) Saarela ssp. breviligulata
The inclusion of the genus Ammophila, in which this species has long been included, is based on the work of Saarela et al. (2017):
Saarela, J.M., R.D. Bull, M.J. Paradis, S.N. Ebata, P.M. Peterson, R.J. Soreng, B. Paszko. 2017. Molecular phylogenetics of cool-season grasses in the subtribes Agrostidinae, Anthoxanthinae, Aveninae, Brizinae, Calothecinae, Koeleriinae and Phalaridinae (Poaceae, Pooideae, Poeae, Poeae chloroplast group 1). Phytokeys 87: 1-139 (2017).
Dunes and sandy estuarine shores, with Panicum amarum and, in se. Virginia, Uniola paniculata; characteristic of grasslands on unstable foredunes, both maritime and fronting the Chesapeake Bay; less characteristic of stabilized back-dune grasslands, scrub, and woodlands. Common in maritime zones of the outer Coastal Plain (including the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay); rare on dry sandy shores along the lower Potomac, Rappahannock, and James rivers.
Native Status

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