Platanthera hookeri (Torrey ex Gray) Lindley

Locations ofPlatanthera hookeri (Torrey ex Gray) Lindley in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Platanthera hookeri (Torrey ex Gray) Lindley
Common Name
Hooker's Orchid
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
In Taxa Not Treated: Unverified Taxa
This northern orchid was reported in Massey's 1961 Virginia Flora from Rockingham County, but a supporting voucher was unknown to Virginia botanists for many decades. Recently, the voucher for this record was located by Zach Bradford in the Philadelphia Academy of Sciences Herbarium at Drexel University. The species is disjunct to Rockingham County from the nearest known station in southwestern Pennsylvania. Although it grows in fairly ordinary "moist to dry forests," It is reported to have declined significantly over a substantial portion of its range in recent decades.
Known from a single, historical collection by Louis F.A. Tanger, made June 1, 1940 in "rich, damp woods," 6.5 miles NW of Rawley Springs, Rockingham County. This puts the location at the higher elevations of Shenandoah Mountain, in the vicinity of lower Skidmore Fork and the Middle Mountain spur ridge.
Native Status

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