Waldsteinia fragarioides (Michx.) Tratt. ssp. fragarioides

Locations ofWaldsteinia fragarioides (Michx.) Tratt. ssp. fragarioides in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Waldsteinia fragarioides (Michx.) Tratt. ssp. fragarioides
Common Name
Northern Barren Strawberry
Geum fragarioides (Michx.) Smedmark; Waldsteinia fragarioides (Michx.) Tratt., sensu stricto
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Waldsteinia fragarioides (Michx.) Trattinnick (sensu stricto)
Map currently incomplete; see Comments under the species-level map of Waldsteinia fragarioides. Subspecies fragarioides has a northern distribution (NB west to MN, south to NC, TN, IN, MO, and AR), and is found throughout most of the mountains and hilly areas of the southern Piedmont in Virginia.
Mesic to dry upland forests, rocky woodlands, bluffs, and stream banks; occurs on both acidic and calcareous substrates. Frequent in parts of the central and southwest mountains, infrequent in the southern Piedmont. In the southern part of the state, specimens of equivocal or intermediate character have been collected.
Native Status

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