Sanicula canadensis L. var. grandis Fern.

Locations ofSanicula canadensis L. var. grandis Fern. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sanicula canadensis L. var. grandis Fern.
Common Name
Large Sanicle
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
mentioned in Comments under Sanicula canadensis var. canadensis
Sanicula canadensis var. grandis is a northern variety that approaches its southern limits in Virginia. It was only recently added to the Digital Atlas based on annotations of specimens at NCU by Bruce A. Sorrie. These suggest that it could potentially occur almost anywhere in the Virginia mountains and Piedmont. Targeted inventory is needed to determine its current status and assess its distinctiveness compared to the ubiquitous var. canadensis. Based on the specimens at NCU, it seems likely that a canvas of Virginia herbarium specimens could turn up additional records.
Most of the few verified collections were from mesic upland forests. The status of this var. is currently uncertain and needs assessment in both the field and herbaria.
Native Status

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