Sisyrinchium nashii Bicknell

Locations ofSisyrinchium nashii Bicknell in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sisyrinchium nashii Bicknell
Common Name
Nash's Blue-eyed-grass
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
In Taxa Not Treated: Unverified Taxa
A Southeastern endemic, similar to Sisyrinchium fuscatum in its dense, fibrous leaf bases, that apparently reaches its northern range limits in sw. and se. Virginia. Known from three collections, from Montgomery, Tazewell, and Southampton cos. The montane specimens were annotated by K.L. Hornberger as part of a dissertation on systematics of southeastern Sisyrinchium. The Southampton specimen was annotated by Bruce Hansen at USF.
Dry, open forests and clearings. Apparently rare in both the sw. Virginia Ridge and Valley region and the se. Virginia Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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