Bidens mitis (Michx.) Sherff

Locations ofBidens mitis (Michx.) Sherff in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Bidens mitis (Michx.) Sherff
Common Name
Coastal Plain Beggar-ticks
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
In Taxa Not Treated: Unverified Taxa
Attributed to the Virginia Coastal Plain by FNA, Flora of the Southeastern U.S., and BONAP, but until recently, supporting specimens were not known. Mapped here tentatively, based on five specimens (at CLEMS, DUKE, and US) that need in-person verification. This species is a Southeastern Coastal Plain endemic (NJ to TX), with a few inland disjunctions, reportedly in bogs. Its primarily habitat is in fresh tidal marshes, which occur extensively along tidal rivers in Virginia. However, two other Bidens spp. - B. laevis and B. trichocarpa - are abundant in these marshes. Bidens mitis is quite similar to the latter, which may account for it having been overlooked and under-collected.
Freshwater and slightly oligohaline tidal marshes. Evidently rare in the estuarine zone of the Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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