Penstemon brevisepalus Pennell

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Botanical Name
Penstemon brevisepalus Pennell
Common Name
Short-sepaled Beard-tongue
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Mentioned in Comments under Penstemon canescens.
A somewhat controversial taxon, similar to Penstemon canescens and often lumped with it. According to FNA, this species combines the characters of P. canescens and P. pallidus, with some overlap. Compared to the widespread P. canescens, it has smaller corollas and shorter sepals. Penstemon brevisepalus is endemic to the southern Ridge and Valley and Cumberland region in sw. VA, WV, KY, and TN. It is not well known in Virginia and has often been difficult to distinguish from P. canescens. Further study is needed.
Specimens have been collected primarily from dry open forests, woodlands, barrens, and clearings on limestone and shale, occasionally sandstone. At least one collection is from a more mesic and rich, ridge-crest forest. It appears to be infrequent in southwest Virginia, with two isolated records northward in Augusta and Shenandoah counties.
Native Status

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