Symphyotrichum racemosum (Ell.) Nesom var. subdumosum (Wieg.) Nesom

Locations ofSymphyotrichum racemosum (Ell.) Nesom var. subdumosum (Wieg.) Nesom in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Symphyotrichum racemosum (Ell.) Nesom var. subdumosum (Wieg.) Nesom
Common Name
Oldfield Small White Aster
Aster vimineus Lam. var. subdumosus Wiegand
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia
Map incomplete and provisional. This taxon has not been widely recognized but is included in Fernald (1950, Gray's Manual) and Nesom's (1994, Phytologia 76: 193-274). It differs from var. racemosum by its few, long-peduncled heads on the ends of the inflorescence branches (vs. heads crowded in spikelike racemes in var. racemosum). Typical specimens are morphologically striking, but specimens of intermediate disposition exist and the two vars. appear to be totally sympatric in Virginia. Range-wide, they are partly sympatric, with var. subdumosum ranging further south. Further study is needed.
Habitats are poorly known but appear to be similar to those of var. racemosum. Infrequent, or at least much less frequent than var. racemosum; specimens from the n. and c. Coastal Plain, n. and c. Piedmont, and n. Shenandoah Valley. Likely to be more widely distributed.
Native Status

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