Carex davisii Schw. & Torrey

Locations ofCarex davisii Schw. & Torrey in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex davisii Schw. & Torrey
Common Name
Davis's Sedge
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex davisii Schw. & Torrey
First found in Virginia by Brent Steury, along the old Patowmack Canal in Great Falls Park (Fairfax Co.), May 15, 2003. Subsequently documented at two locations along the Potomac River in the extreme inner Coastal Plain. In 2019, Virginia Natural Heritage Program ecologists discovered a population along the Appomattox River in Powhatan Co. This was followed by the documentation in 2020 of a second Appomattox River population in Powhatan and a third in Amelia County. The Powhatan and Amelia material represents the more glabrous form of the species as described by Yatskievych in Steyermark's Flora of Missouri, Vol. 1 (1999). Its lower sheaths are densely pubescent, while the upper sheaths and leaves are glabrate. The Virginia populations are significantly disjunct from the generally Midwestern range of this species.
Disturbed alluvial forest on bedrock terrace along the Potomac River near Great Falls; tidal swamp forests along the Potomac in Arlington and Fairfax counties; in rich, sandy, bottomland levee forests along the Appomattox River in Powhatan and Amelia counties. Rare, Piedmont and northern Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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