Cicuta maculata L. var. maculata

Locations ofCicuta maculata L. var. maculata in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Cicuta maculata L. var. maculata
Common Name
Water-hemlock, Spotted Water-hemlock
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Cicuta maculata L. var maculata
Most, or perhaps all, of our material is var. maculata. The more southern var. curtisii (Coult. & Rose) Fern. (= C. mexicana Coulter & Rose) has been attributed to the se. Virginia Coastal Plain, but differences between this and var. maculata have been difficult to discern in limited herbarium studies. Var. curtisii is reportedly a more robust plant with differences in leaf size and fruit morphology. However, until a more comprehensive study of Virginia specimens can be made, we consider the status of var. curtisii to be unverified.
Floodplain forests, swamps (alluvial, seepage, maritime, tidal), freshwater tidal marshes, stream banks, wet meadows, ditches, and disturbed wetlands. Common throughout.
Native Status

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