Antennaria neglecta Greene

Locations ofAntennaria neglecta Greene in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Antennaria neglecta Greene
Common Name
Field Pussytoes
Antennaria neglecta Greene var. neglecta (see A. howellii)
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Antennaria neglecta Greene
The map for A. neglecta in Atlas lll, reproduced and slightly modified here, contains some records referrable to A. howellii in the present flora. State-wide herbarium work is needed to sort this out. The species is less frequent than indicated here, but is definitely most frequent and numerous in the Piedmont and mountain counties of northern Virginia.
Dry forests, clearings, meadows, and fields. Currently documented from numerous counties of the mountains and Piedmont; however, due to widespread lumping of members of the Antennaria howellii complex and A. neglecta in Virginia floristic studies, an undetermined number of these records are referable to the A. howellii complex. Extensive herbarium work is needed to separate records of A. neglecta s.s. from those of the various taxa of A. howellii.
Native Status

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