Carpinus caroliniana Walt.

Locations ofCarpinus caroliniana Walt. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carpinus caroliniana Walt.
Common Name
American Hornbeam, Ironwood
Carpinus caroliniana Walt. var. virginiana (Marsh.) Fern.; Carpinus caroliniana Walt. ssp. virginiana (Marsh.) Furlow
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carpinus caroliniana Walt.
The map contains records for the species as a whole, and individuals matching two varieties: var. caroliniana, of more southern range; and var. virginiana (Marsh.) Fernald, of more northern range. Most of Virginia is in an overlap zone in which these varieties intergrade extensively. Mapping them would be problematic since individuals with intermediate characters are common over most of the state. Most individuals that adhere well to the var. descriptions are found in the mountains (var. virginiana) and the Coastal Plain (var. caroliniana).
Mesic upland forests, floodplain forests, alluvial swamps, tidal swamps, wet flatwoods, and stream banks. Common in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont; frequent in the mountains (at lower elevations).
Native Status

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