Calystegia catesbeiana Pursh

Locations ofCalystegia catesbeiana Pursh in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Calystegia catesbeiana Pursh
Common Name
Catesby's False Bindweed
Convolvulus catesbyanus (Pursh) Ell.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Calystegia catesbeiana
The Lee County populations fit the general geographic range of this species, which is primarily distributed to the south and west of Virginia. A putative New Kent Co. specimen (at NCU) is clearly a misidentification.

Flora of the Southeastern U.S. is in the process of transferring all Calystegia spp. back into Convolvulus. Several of the combinations have not been formally published, so we are holding off on evaluating and/or following this change until the work is completed.
Dry, rocky limestone woodlands in The Cedars region of Lee County. Rare, sw. mountains.
Native Status

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