Gaylussacia dumosa (Andr.) Torr. & Gray

Locations ofGaylussacia dumosa (Andr.) Torr. & Gray in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Gaylussacia dumosa (Andr.) Torr. & Gray
Common Name
Dwarf Huckleberry
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Gaylussacia dumosa (Andr.) Torr. & Gray
Some Virginia material appears to be transitional between G. dumosa and G. bigeloviana (Fernald) Sorrie & Weakley. Several specimens were annotated as such by James Henderson during his 1969 revision of North American Gaylussacia. At that time, the two taxa were treated as vars. of G. dumosa.
Dry to, more often, seasonally saturated or boggy, acidic forests, pine woodlands, flatwoods, depressions, and seepage swamp borders. Infrequent to locally common in the Coastal Plain; rare in se. Piedmont, ne. Piedmont, and n. Ridge and Valley region.
Native Status

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