Monotropsis odorata Schwein. ex Ell. var. odorata

Locations ofMonotropsis odorata Schwein. ex Ell. var. odorata in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Monotropsis odorata Schwein. ex Ell. var. odorata
Common Name
Sweet Pinesap
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Monotropsis odorata Schwein. ex Ell.
See also comments under Monotropsis odorata var. lehmaniae. Sweet pinesap is a fairly cryptic vascular plant that 1) blends in with the leaf litter it grows among (or under); 2) emerges and flowers very early; and 3) mostly occupies highly acidic, species-poor habitats that are of limited interest to botanists, especially in the early spring. The combination of these factors makes it difficult to detect, and suggests that it may be more widespread than records indicate. However, the plants are very fragrant, and people with a keen sense of smell can often detect a population from a considerable distance.
Mesic to dry upland forests; typically in acidic humus under oaks, pines, or ericaceous shrubs (especially Kalmia latifolia) but occasionally in more base-rich soils. Infrequent to rare throughout.
Native Status

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