Bidens alba (L.) DC.

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Botanical Name
Bidens alba (L.) DC.
Common Name
Hairy Beggar-ticks, Common Beggar-ticks
Bidens alba (L.) DC. var. radiata (Schultz) Ballard ex T.E. Melchert; Bidens pilosa L.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
in Taxa Not Treated: Waifs (as Bidens alba (L.) A. DC. var. radiata (Schultz) Ballard ex T.E. Melchert)
It remains to be seen whether this adventive weed will become more widely established and persistent. Perhaps better treated, as per Strother and Weedon in FNA (Vol. 21), in a broader concept of Bidens pilosa L. It depends on whether B. alba, B. odorata Cav., and B. pilosa are considered distinct species or races of one species with different ploidy levels. Morphologically, differences among the three are strong enough to support the species designations; see Ballard, Amer. J. Bot. 73, 1986.
Sandy field edges, gardens, waste ground, and roadsides; introduced from the New World Tropics. This species has been reported as a contaminant in seed packs of French Marigold (Tagetes patula) (W.J. Hayden, pers. comm.).
Native Status

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