Vaccinium altomontanum W.W. Ashe

Locations ofVaccinium altomontanum W.W. Ashe in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Vaccinium altomontanum W.W. Ashe
Common Name
Blue Ridge Blueberry
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Vaccinium altomontanum Ashe
Blueberries of intermediate height (ca. 1 m.) occur occasionally (commonly in some areas) on dry, acidic side slopes and ridge crests, and may represent a species of hybrid origin or less stabilized hybrids resulting from crosses between other species. It has been observed that V. pallidum and V. angustifolium co-occur with these populations, suggesting a possible hybrid parentage. Currently, the genetic makeup of our plants is not known. The name V. altomontanum Ashe would likely apply if it is a species of hybrid origin. If they prove to be hybrids of the above-mentioned species, the name Vaccinium Ă—dobbinii Burnham would apply.
Dry, middle- to high-elevation oak forests; usually on acid ridges capped with Silurian sandstone or Cambrian quartzite. Infrequent or rare in the mountains.
Native Status

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