Gamochaeta impatiens Nesom

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Botanical Name
Gamochaeta impatiens Nesom
Common Name
Gray Everlasting
Gamochaeta coarctata (Willd.) Kerg.; Gnaphalium purpureum L. var. americanum (P. Mill.) Klatt, misapplied
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Gamochaeta coarctata (Willdenow) Kergu‚len
This species was subsumed in a broader species concept of Gnaphalium purpureum L. by most older Virginia floristic studies. It was identified as the South American Gamochaeta coarctata (Willd.) Kerg. by Nesom in 2004 (Sida 21: 734-736). However, recently Nesom (2022, Phytoneuron 2022-35: 1-48) re-named this species Gamochaeta impatiens after discovering that the southeastern U.S. plants were not the same as South American G. coarctata, but represented an undescribed and unnamed South American introduction. Field work in Virginia over the last 10 years has added many new records for G. impatiens, and the species is likely to be occurring undetected in additional counties.
Roadsides, weedy clearings, and waste ground; often associated with sparsely vegetated and/or barren soils. Currently known from the c. and s. Coastal Plain and outer Piedmont, it appears to be spreading rapidly in many areas.
Native Status

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