Persicaria densiflora (Meisner) Moldenke

Locations ofPersicaria densiflora (Meisner) Moldenke in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Persicaria densiflora (Meisner) Moldenke
Common Name
Dense-flowered Smartweed
Persicaria glabra (Willd.) M. Gomez; Polygonum densiflorum Meisner
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Persicaria densiflora (Meisner) Moldenke
North American plants in the Persicaria glabra complex have often been treated as distinct and called Persicaria densiflora; in fact this was the mainstream approach (under Polygonum) in American botanical manuals for decades. However, there are now conflicting opinions about this. Flora of the Southeastern U.S. (FSUS) says that P. densiflora "seems to warrant recognition," but no citations for studies advocating for this view are given. On the other hand, FNA states that the morphological differences between North American plants and Asian and Pacific P. glabra are minor. Wilson (1990, Kew Bull. 45: 621-636) stated that "regional tendencies exist but do not appear sufficient to warrant separation of the species [P. glabra]." In the interest of consistency with Flora of Virginia and FSUS, we are following their treatment as Persicaria densiflora. Hopefully, future molecular studies will provide more definitive guidance on the disposition of plants in this complex.
Alluvial, maritime, and tidal swamps; shaded impoundments and ditches. Infrequent to locally common in the s. and c. Coastal Plain; infrequent in the s. outer Piedmont. This species can be densely patch-dominant in some swamps.
Native Status

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