Boltonia montana J.F. Townsend & V. Karaman-Castro

Locations ofBoltonia montana J.F. Townsend & V. Karaman-Castro in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Boltonia montana J.F. Townsend & V. Karaman-Castro
Common Name
Valley Doll's-daisy
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Boltonia montana J.F. Townsend & V. Karaman-Castro
A recently described species - see Sida 22:873-886 (2006). Also known from Ridge and Valley lime-sink ponds in Sussex and Warren counties, New Jersey and from Dauphin county, Pennsylvania. The overall appearance of this species is much like Boltonia asteroides var. asteroides, which is apparently restricted to the Susquehanna River valley region of Pennsylvania and Maryland. The achenes of Boltonia montana are unlike the pubescent, awned, and winged structures seen in asteroides, s.l., and most closely match those of the otherwise dissimilar Boltonia caroliniana. In Virginia, Boltonia montana co-occurs with Helenium virginicum in sinkhole ponds which harbor numerous disjunct and relict species in our flora.
Shenandoah Valley sinkhole ponds and, rarely, nearby riverside habitats; the species occupies the progressively widening draw-down zone as the ponds dry out, usually in late summer. Rare, central Ridge and Valley region of the mountains; known from only a few sites in Augusta County.
Native Status

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