Chenopodium foggii Wahl

Locations ofChenopodium foggii Wahl in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Chenopodium foggii Wahl
Common Name
Fogg's Goosefoot
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Chenopodium foggii H.A. Wahl
This species is poorly known in Virginia. It is probably to be found in herbaria under C. standleyanum to which it bears a very strong resemblance. Said to have more farinose and more strongly keeled calyx lobes and fruits maturing rather uniformly in the glomerules.
Dry, rocky open forests and woodlands; most known sites are on shale, siltstone, or moderately calcareous sandstones and support fairly diverse oak-hickory vegetation. Infrequent or rare in the mountains; known primarily from the Ridge and Valley province, with one site on the Northern Blue Ridge and one in the Cumberland Mountains.
Native Status

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