Coreopsis pubescens Ell.

Locations ofCoreopsis pubescens Ell. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Coreopsis pubescens Ell.
Common Name
Hairy Coreopsis
Coreopsis pubescens Ell. var. pubescens; Coreopsis pubescens Ell. var. robusta Gray & Eames
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Coreopsis pubescens Ell.
Var. pubescens and var. robusta Gray & Eames are both attributed to sw. Virginia, but the differences in their habitats and distribution are not clear at this time. A few specimens in Virginia have been determined to be var. pubescens, but the disposition of var. robusta is not known. Herbarium studies are needed to assess and map these taxa.
Dry-mesic to dry forests, rocky woodlands, clearings, and road banks. Infrequent in the sw. Virginia mountains, mostly on the Southern Blue Ridge, with a Piedmont outlier in Charlotte County.
Native Status

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