Rhus michauxii Sargent

Locations ofRhus michauxii Sargent in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Rhus michauxii Sargent
Common Name
Michaux's Sumac, Dwarf Sumac
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Rhus michauxii Sarg.
An extraordinarily large population of this Federally Listed Endangered species was discovered at Fort Pickett in 1993. It is reported as new to Virginia by Fleming and Ludwig (1996) in Castanea 61:92. The Virginia population at Fort Pickett is estimated to have > 30,000 stems distributed over 4,000 hectares. Rhus michauxii is endemic to the Piedmont and inner Coastal Plain from s. Virginia to Georgia, with a disjunction in n. Florida.
Locally common in frequently burned oak-hickory woodlands and savannas in the ordnance training range at Fort Pickett, where plants occur on soils weathered from both mafic and granitic rocks; also found outside the base in clear-cuts and along an old railroad right-of-way. Rare in the s. Piedmont, in and near Fort Pickett, in Brunswick, Dinwiddie, and Nottoway counties.
Native Status

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