Hudsonia tomentosa Nutt.

Locations ofHudsonia tomentosa Nutt. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Hudsonia tomentosa Nutt.
Common Name
Sand Heather, Woolly Beach Heather
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Hudsonia tomentosa Nutt.
Of phytogeographic note, there is a disjunct montane population of this species on Panther Knob (North Fork Mountain) in Pendleton County, West Virginia, not far from its border with Highland County. There, the Hudsonia grows in xeric sands around sandstone outcrops in a stunted pitch pine barrens at more than 1200 m (4000 ft) elevation, with such unlikely associates as Sibbaldia tridentata and Paronychia argyrocoma.
Dune grasslands, scrub, and woodlands; usually on distinctly xeric secondary dunes and ancient high dunes well back from the beach, often in blowouts with little other vegetation; rarely on inland sandhill woodlands. Frequent along the Atlantic and Chesapeake Bay coasts in the outer Coastal Plain; absent elsewhere except on sandhills near the Blackwater River in Suffolk City.
Native Status

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