Acer saccharum Marshall

Locations ofAcer saccharum Marshall in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Acer saccharum Marshall
Common Name
Sugar Maple
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Acer saccharum Marshall
Our trees are referrable to var. saccharum if var. schneckii Rehd. of more midwestern distribution is accepted. According to Flora of the Southeastern U.S., var. schneckii is a "semi-cryptic" taxon of unresolved disposition, only potentially worthy of recognition. Therefore, without more compelling, systematic support, we have chosen not to recognize it.
Rich cove and slope forests, rich floodplain forests, dry-mesic to dry calcareous forests and woodlands, northern hardwood forests, and other high-elevation forests; also characteristic of rich montane oak-hickory forest understories. Favors moderately to strongly base-rich soils at lower elevations but thrives in extremely acidic, infertile soils at higher elevations. Common in the mountains; infrequent and usually restricted to sheltered bluffs and north-facing slopes in the n. and inner Piedmont. Often planted and occasionally escaped beyond its native range.
Native Status

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