Acer floridanum (Chapm.) Pax.

Locations ofAcer floridanum (Chapm.) Pax. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Acer floridanum (Chapm.) Pax.
Common Name
Southern Sugar Maple, Florida Maple
Acer barbatum Michaux
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Acer floridanum (Chap.) Pax
See Daniel Ward's note about the correct name for this plant in Castanea 69:230-233 (2004).
Well-drained floodplain forests, mesic to rather dry upland forests; most characteristic of, but not limited to, soils weathered from mafic or calcareous rocks; restricted in the Coastal Plain to very rich alluvium and calcareous soils weathered from Tertiary shell deposits. Frequent to locally common in the s. Piedmont, from the Appomattox River south and w. to Halifax County; infrequent to locally common in the inner Coastal Plain of se. Virginia, n. to James City and York counties.
Native Status

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