Myriopteris gracilis Fée

Locations ofMyriopteris gracilis Fée in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Myriopteris gracilis Fée
Common Name
Slender Lip Fern
Cheilanthes feei T. Moore
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Myriopteris gracilis Fée
A remarkable western disjunct, the Virginia population is isolated by about 650 km (400 mi) from c. Kentucky, at the edge of the main part of the species' range. See Amer. Fern J. 72:76-78 (1982). Recent studies have shown that Myriopteris is not closely related to Cheilanthes sensu stricto. See Grusz, A.L., and M.D. Windham. 2013. Toward a monophyletic Cheilanthes: the resurrection and recircumscription of Myriopteris (Pteridaceae). PhytoKeys 32: 49-64.
Dry, exposed dolostone outcrop along the New River. Rare in the sw. Virginia Ridge and Valley; known from one site in Pulaski County.
Native Status

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